Witches Potion

Easy quest to fetch the ingredients for an evil witches brew to bring out your dark magic.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Start: Talk to Hetty in the Rimmington village southwest of Falador for list of items

-Burntmeat - Burn some meat (get it from Chickens, Bears, Rats, etc.) or buy in Port Sarim Food shop.
-Onion - Go north from the village and you will find a cabbage field and some onions.
-Rats tail - Kill a rat in the bulding next door.
-Eye of newt - Can be bought in the magic shop by the docks in Port Sarim.
-When you have all this you can go talk to Hetty and talk to her, and then "Drink from cauldron."

Reward: 1 quest point, magic Exp